Dream of: 27 April 2001 "Water And Meditation"

I was sitting at a desk and talking to my wife Carolina. I was once again working as a lawyer and I had begun taking on bankruptcy clients. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to find new clients. Already a stream of clients was flowing in all day long. I mentioned to Carolina that if I would contact my old business associate Richhart again, he might also start sending me clients; then I would have more than I could handle.

I was somewhat amazed that I had begun practicing law again because I hadn't wanted to be tied down. At least I thought I wouldn't have to go to court. But then I rethought what I was doing and realized I would have to go to bankruptcy court.

My office was in Portsmouth. In addition to practicing law, I was also selling auto insurance, just like my father used to do in Portsmouth. Although I was selling auto insurance, I knew nothing about life insurance. I thought I would need to contact someone else for help if a client wanted to buy life insurance, perhaps Pitts (my father's secretary when he had been in the insurance business). She would probably know about life insurance.

After a while, I realized Carolina was no longer in the room. Instead, a dark-haired fellow (about 30 years old) was now sitting across the desk from me. He had already been sitting there awhile; he wanted auto insurance. He looked like Lucas Buck (the character played by Gary Cole in the television series "American Gothic").

I asked him whether he had lived around there long. He at first seemed surprised by the question but then responded that he had. He said something about the year 1952. I piped up that I had been born in that year. He began telling me about himself. He said he had been shot five times. Obviously he was the wild type. When I noticed some scratches on his cheek, I wondered if the scratches were from a fight. I stood, walked across the room, and said something about his being wild. Then I added, "I used to be like that. I never played around with guns, but I smoked a lot of grass."

I also thought of telling him I had used LSD. I half hoped he might know where I could get some marijuana. I thought of telling him I still smoked, but then thought I shouldn't be divulging such things to a client. What should I say next? I should probably tell him I didn't smoke marijuana anymore; now I could simply meditate. I thought of a line I had recently read in Herman Melville's Moby Dick, a line about water and meditation. I didn't need marijuana anymore: I could just meditate and revel in my imagination without drugs.

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