Dream of: 24 April 2001 (2) "Traveling Travails"

My pet Dalmatian Picasso and I were taking a two-day trip in my car. I had lately been thinking how I would like to drive all around the perimeter of Texas. Still fresh in my mind was the trip Carolina and I had recently taken; we had traveled the entire ocean coast of Texas from Sabine Pass to Padre Island, as well as the roads along the Mexican border from Padre Island to Laredo. Now I wanted to cover more territory. I could possibly head up to the Red River to the point where the Texas panhandle began; then I could travel east along the Oklahoma border to Arkansas. Or I might travel along the Sabine River on the eastern Louisiana-bordering side of Texas. I headed off in my car, uncertain yet where I would go.

We had traveled for quite a while when I abruptly came up over a bluff and could see tall buildings in the distance. The skyline of the city reminded me of Houston and I wondered whether I had unknowingly driven all the way to Houston. We began heading down a steep incline in the road and I had to press the brakes hard to slow down. At the bottom of the incline I pulled over to check my map.

I had pulled into the driveway of a small white cottage for sale. Since I was tired, and no one was in the house, I decided to go in and rest for a while. Picasso and I got out of the car and walked into the house, which was devoid of furniture. Only a few personal items were scattered here and there. Obviously the owners had already moved out almost everything.

I spread out a blanket for Picasso and me, and we lay down on the floor. Picasso curled up with his back against my leg; I quickly dozed off, but soon awoke in a fright. I was suddenly aware that a fast moving stream of water was passing right beside where we were lying, and Picasso had slipped beneath the water. I began groping around in the water, finally felt Picasso, and pulled him out. I could immediately see that he wasn't breathing. I carried him to a table, laid him down and began pressing on his chest. His eyes were open, but he didn't seem conscious. This had happened to him once before, and I had been able to save him. But this time I was unsure I could revive him. Finally, however, he gave a gulp and began breathing again. He seemed weak, but clearly he would survive.

As I was making sure Picasso was all right, a woman (about 40 years old) stepped into the room. She was obviously startled to see me. I immediately realized she must be the owner of the house. I knew I could be accused of trespassing, and I quickly began gathering together my belongings. In addition to my blanket, I had also carried in a computer and a telephone. I began disassembling them, trying to hurry out of the house.

With some of my belongings in my arm, I walked into the next room, where I found the woman with a man, probably her husband, who also looked about forty. They glared at me; I could hear a siren in the distance. Obviously they were upset, and I asked, "Did you call the police?"

They replied that they had. Now I was really worried. I could be charged with burglary. I knew I hadn't committed burglary because to be guilty of burglary I would have needed to have formed the intent to steal something in the house. I hadn't intended to steal anything, only to rest. Nevertheless the prosecuting attorney might still charge me with burglary and I would have to prove my innocence. And I would still be convicted of trespassing.

I hurriedly began imploring the man and woman not to press charges against me. I knew that even if the police came, the man and woman could decide not to have me arrested. I finally blurted out, "Ill pay you something."

This offer immediately caught their attention and they expressed a definite willingness to drop the matter if I would pay them something. The only issue seemed to be how much. I knew I had quite a bit of money in my billfold, and I thought about offering them $50. But I didn't want to make the first offer. It would be best to let them make an offer first. I would gladly pay $50 or $80 at this point. But what if they suggested $500? I certainly didn't want to pay that much. However, I was in a sticky situation, and I might even be willing to pay $500.

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