Dream of: 24 April 2001 "Russian Revolution"

In Russia, just before the Russian Revolution, I belonged to a group of revolutionaries who planned to start the revolution. In preparation, a comrade in my group (he was about 30 years old) gave me a hand gun, while he kept a rifle for himself. Our plan wasn't elaborate – we were simply going to shoot anybody we could.

The signal to start the revolution came! My comrade and I began stalking through the dark ragged streets, shooting anyone who came in our path. I fired several shoots at people walking in the street, including women, but I didn't see whether my bullets actually struck anyone. I felt slightly guilty about shooting innocent people, but our plan was to rile the people in any way we could.

Finally, my comrade and I found a single passenger train car, equipped with bunks, in which some Russian soldiers were staying. We crept up to the rear of the car, slung open the back door, and although the interior was so dark we couldn't see inside, began firing our weapons into the car. I thought I surely had hit some of the soldiers, and I felt much better about killing Russian solders than innocent civilians. I was, however, concerned about running out of bullets and I asked my comrade for another gun. He told me I needed to take guns and ammunitions from people whom I killed.

As we proceeded with our activities, other people began joining us. I thought I might be able to enlist someone, such as a young boy, who could go out and forage for supplies for me. However, further difficulties were developing. I happened to see a television newscast which showed a rival revolutionary group also trying to seize power. The rival group seemed to be gaining influence because the group was advocating the killing only of Russian soldiers, and not civilians. Perhaps the time had arrived for my group also to kill only soldiers. I could just envision capturing a group of soldiers, lining them up, and shooting them.

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