Dream of: 23 April 2001 "Watch Pens"

I could see myself being chased by a man with a gun, down the side of a mountain, through dense brush. I finally ended up outside a court house in a county west of Fort Worth. I walked inside the courthouse, and found a woman sitting at a table. She seemed to be a government employee. I handed her a roll of photographic film, which she took from me. She placed the film in a machine for a few moments, then handed me back the results: a glob of goop. The goop was hard to handle and I dropped part of it out of my hand. The woman told me she would try to find something in which I could place the goop.

She also told me that for 50 cents she would give me a pen. I wasn't interested in a pen, but I told her to let me see the pen anyway. She handed the pen to me, and I looked it over. It had a little clock on its side. The clock needed to be set, and I asked the woman if she knew how to set it. As I tried to set the watch, I found a second watch pen. I thought I would probably buy them both; clearly they were worth at least 50 cents apiece.

I then began questioning the woman about the courts in this courthouse. I wanted to know how many county courts and how many felony courts were located here. I recalled that once long ago, I had handled some cases here. I thought I might do so again.

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