Dream of: 20 April 2001 "Cathedral Bells"

As I was walking my pet Dalmatian Picasso through a crowded park, his leash became tangled on a big bell about five meters high off the ground. When I tried to free the leash, a man (probably in his mid 30s) walked up and offered his assistance. Finally I had to climb up a rope and unhook the leash. After I had climbed back down, the man – quite friendly – and I walked together a ways.

Suddenly I heard bells ringing in a cathedral about a block away from us. The bells – which I could now see – were clangorous, not sonorous. Slowly I realized the man walking with me was pulling on ropes connected to the bells. We walked together a short distance farther, until we parted ways; when he crossed the street alone, I hollered to him, "Hope I see you again."

Picasso and I began walking around a rectangular pool. Picasso got loose from his leash and I began chasing him and calling his name. Three other Dalmatians were lying nearby; they had longer hair than was normal for a Dalmatian. They also had patches over their eyes like bandits. After seeing them, I became more anxious to find Picasso. I ran along one side of the pool while I looked over at the other side. As I ran through some grass, I became caught up with a group of attractive women running toward a building, but I quickly broke free of them and headed back toward the pool, hollering, "Picasso! Picasso!"

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