Dream of: 17 April 2001 "Beowulf"

Searching for someone, I had walked into a rather exclusive bar filled with well-dressed clientele. I figured since I did not have a membership, I would soon be asked to leave. I would like to stay as long as I could, especially since so many beautiful women were circulating around me. My old high school classmate Sally Counts (about 25 years old) looked particularly breath-taking. In her strapless white evening gown, she was standing only about a meter away from me, sipping a drink. Another old classmate Phil Waddell (also about 25 years old) was talking with two gorgeous women; the prospects there were excellent.

However, I felt certain I would soon be ejected. As I caught a fragment of a nearby conversation, I inferred a plan was afoot to throw me out. Someone mentioned the word "Gonoreal" and I immediately thought the conversation had to do with me. I interjected myself in the conversation, declaring, "Gonoreal was the mother of Grendel, the arch-enemy of Beowulf."

I was well acquainted with this fact, because… I was Beowulf. As someone walked toward me, I sensed that I should now prepare for battle. I jumped up on a table and revealed to everyone that I was the legendary Beowulf. Strong and muscular, I stood perhaps three meters tall; I could feel the power in my whole body. Clad in black leather battle-attire, I was ready to fight. I towered over everyone in the room; I even seemed to be floating above the table.

Despite my power, I still did not want these ignorant people to think I was more than I was. So I patiently began explaining that Beowulf was a human, and not a god.

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