Dream of: 16 April 2001 "Former President"

Carolina and I were in the mountains visiting the mansion of a man who had once been president of the United States. As she and I strolled through the mansion's labyrinthine passageways, we discovered framed on the walls many pictures and reports of the former president's life. Apparently he had been the vice-president of president Harry Truman, and had become president in 1948. Truman once said that the former president was the most honest man he had ever met. However, the former president had once been accused of telling a lie; it was unclear whether he had actually told the lie, or had been merely accused of doing so.

One of the reports we read described how the former president had worked in the park system when he had been a young man. With his wife, he had moved extensively from park to park. He had seen many parts of parks and many animals which most people never see.

As we continued our tour, Carolina discovered a door which opened to the outside. With the door open, we could see a high sheer gray cliff on our left; on our right lay a circular body of water. The banks rose from the water like an outdoor theater.

When I turned back into the mansion, Carolina had disappeared. I went looking for her and as I proceeded along a hallway, I passed a young man dressed like a magician. Continuing on, I whistled for Carolina. She heard me and called out. Soon I found her and she told me she had just received a phone call from my father; he had informed her that he was coming to visit me there. He was flying into a place about two hours away. I was surprised because I hadn't seen or talked with him in a long time, but I was happy he was coming; this was a nice place to visit.

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