Dream of: 15 April 2001 "Daring And Disgusting"

The actor Brad Pitt walked into my room and told me he was going to take me to see a play in the next room. Even though I was naked, I stood and walked with Pitt into the next room where the play was being produced. Pitt and I lay down next to each other (I wondered if he noticed I was naked) so close he was touching me. We began watching the play, in which the actor Robert Redford was acting. The play had originally been produced a couple years earlier; I thought about how Redford had memorized the play so well he could still perform it.

After about 15 minutes, Pitt stood and walked over to Redford. By now, both Pitt and Redford, as well as everyone else in the play, were also naked. Pitt positioned himself so his mouth was close to Redford's penis; finally Pitt stuck Redford's penis in his mouth. This action seemed far too daring and disgusting to me to be proper for a play; this was simply taking things too far. Surely Pitt must be a homosexual to be acting like this.

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