Dream of: 12 April 2001 "Two Sets Of Dreams"

A woman who looked like Crowden (a female Waco attorney whom I met in 1983) was sitting across from me and talking to me about my wife, Louise. Crowden, Louise and I were all members of the same large law firm. I confided in Crowden that I suspected Louise had been seeing other men. I asked Crowden if she had heard anything about Louise, and Crowden responded that she had, but that she (Crowden) couldn't tell me anything more. I wouldn't let the matter drop; I pressed Crowden to tell me more, until finally she relented and rattled off about 10 names of other men in the law firm who had reportedly slept with Louise. Crowden divulged that it was common knowledge that Louise was sexually promiscuous and went to bed with almost everybody; apparently Louise had slept with over 200 men. Crowden rambled on that the most recent member of the law firm who had slept with Louise had also had his legal competency called into question due to a court case which he had lost.

News of Louise's infidelity completely stunned me. I lived a quiet life; I didn't sleep with anyone else. In despair, I thought of killing Louise; I could strangle her. But if I were planning to strangle her, what would happen if I dreamed about strangling her, wrote down my dream, and published it on my website? The dream might later be used in evidence against me. If I really intended to strangle Louise, I would have to keep two sets of dreams, one set which I published and one set which I kept private.

Suddenly, like a haze lifting, I realized I didn't have a problem. I wasn't married to Louise anymore and I hadn't been for years. What Louise did made no difference at all to me.

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