Dream of: 09 April 2001 "Baby Aspirin"

I had walked into the back of a large movie theater and taken a seat. I thought about moving down closer to the screen, but so many people were crowded together down there, I decided to stay where I was. A double feature was playing today, but I was unsure I would stay for more than one film; I could spare a couple of hours but I hesitated to stay here for four.

The film was nothing like what I had expected. It was an old black and white; I caught the name of Trevor Howard in the credits. Happily, the film was in German with English subtitles. Unhappily, the sound quality was poor and I had difficulty hearing the words. Nevertheless I was enjoying myself and settled in.

Before the film ended, I rose and walked back to the concession area. On top of the glass counter were arrayed an assortment of items free for the taking, and I looked them over to see if anything interested me. At the same time, I began talking with a slender black-haired fellow who somehow seemed familiar to me. Although he was only about 20 years old, he professed to be medical doctor. The more we talked, the more unstable he became. He was saying something about drugs which I didn't quite understand; but apparently he thought no one should take any kind of drugs without a doctor's prescription.

I finally saw something on the counter which interested me: a bottle of baby aspirins. I picked up the bottle and dumped about 10 of the little pink tablets into my hand, and then plopped a couple of the sweet-tasting aspirins in my mouth. I hadn't even thought about the possibility I might offend the doctor by my action; I hadn't even thought of aspirins as being a drug. But obviously the doctor did consider the aspirins to be a drug and he became visibly enraged. As he began screaming at me, I tried to point out that aspirins were reported to be beneficial for the heart, and I knew of no reason why I shouldn't take them. But he wasn't listening.

The concession stand was in the form of an oval, with the space in the middle for the person running the stand. As the doctor and I had been talking, we had moved farther apart, until he was now standing over on one side of the stand, while I was standing straight across from him on the other side, so I couldn't see him below the waist. Thus I was completely unprepared when the doctor suddenly raised his hand from below the counter and pointed an extremely large hand gun at me. Obviously he meant business. I dropped to the floor behind my side of the counter, and began crawling along until I came to the door back into the theater. I managed to slip through the door and scrambled down the aisle toward the front of the theater. I fully expected the doctor to chase me into the theater and start shooting.

Other people in the theater also seemed to be aware of what was happening because the place had broken into pandemonium with people scurrying about all around me. When one fellow in a white tee shirt stepped in my path, I immediately recognized him as Martin (about 20 years old). He said that the doctor was coming and that we needed to run. I agreed we needed to try to get out of there. I thought I would get down on hands and knees and crawl along a row of seats until I could reach the other side of the room.

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