Dream of: 08 April 2001 "Ira Sulk"

I was using a telephone to call Salvador Ibarra, who was in the library of a college which seemed like El Centro College in Dallas. When someone answered the phone, I asked for Salvador using a nick name, but the person on the phone didn't know to whom I was referring. So I used Salvador's real name and the person immediately understood. The person went to fetch Salvador and after several minutes, Salvador came to the phone. I said, "Como te va?"

Salvador recognized my voice and we began conversing in Spanish. At first he was friendly; but slowly he began to seem peeved; he seemed upset because I hadn't talked with him in such a long time.

I had called him now because I needed some information about a new American ambassador. Since Salvador had a pending immigration case, he would probably know something about the new ambassador. I had to think a moment to remember the Spanish word for ambassador was "embajador." Salvador told me he knew the new ambassador; but Salvador didn't place any importance on his relation with the ambassador, and our conversation soon flagged. Maybe I should ask him about his wife Nellie; but I didn't.

Our telephone connection was terrible; I could barely hear Salvador and finally I simply couldn't understand what he was saying. He finally said something containing the word "Dios"; had he said "Adios"? Concluding he had, I also said "Adios" and I hung up the phone.

Having hung up, I wondered whether I should have apologized to Salvador for not having called in such a long time. Earlier in the day I had had a similarly unpleasant conversation with my father. Maybe I should have apologized to my father also, but I didn't want to apologize to anyone.

I was also in a library. As soon as I hug up the phone, I was ready to leave. I was wearing a pair of purple pants, part of a purple suit which I had just bought today. I had earlier taken off the purple tie and purple jacket which I had been wearing. Had I wasted my money on this suit? The material seemed like cheap cotton.

As I headed for the library door, I noticed some volumes of books by someone named "Ira Sulk." I might need those books for a project on which I was working.

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