Dream of: 05 April 2001 (2) "Free At Last"

My father and I were sitting in what appeared to be a cafeteria in a hospital, waiting for an appointment. He began talking about my not having a job and how I wasn't going to be doing anything. I immediately struck back; I told him that he had tried to control me all of my life, that he had always tried to tell me what to do, but now I was free of him and if I wanted to do nothing, then that was what I would do. I felt very good about this. At last I had broken his hold on me and I didn't need to justify what I was doing to him. If I didn't want to have a job, it was my business and not his.

An Amish fellow (about 20 years old) walked up and announced that some Amish people were going on a canoeing trip in the mountains for about a month. I thought I might also like to go. It seemed strange that the Amish would do such a thing; usually they were too reclusive to go on trips. If I went on the trip, I could talk with them about other religions. I might even try to convert the fellow away from being Amish, even as he would be trying to convert me into becoming Amish. For example, I might talk with him about Buddhism.

I told my father I might go with the Amish. He seemed reluctantly resigned to my doing whatever I wanted.


As if I were watching from afar, or seeing a vision, I could see myself and two other Amish men standing on the ground in the country. Other Amish were arriving by helicopter. After the helicopter set down, it was tethered to the ground, but the man flying the helicopter was inexperienced and the tether snapped. Snow was everywhere and the wind blew like a blizzard. Suddenly the helicopter was caught by the wind and blown away in the air. I could see the frightened looks on the faces of the people in the helicopter as it was blown away. It was an ugly situation.

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