Dream of: 04 April 2001 "Learning To Dance"

I was riding in the front passenger seat of a car being driven by a blonde who looked like Sally Solomon (the character played by the actress Kristen Johnston in the television series "Third Rock from the Sun"). Two other clownish-looking fellows were riding in the back seat. Without warning, the blonde drove the car straight into a muddy creek. The others complained when I crawled out of the car; but I was able to direct everyone back to the bank.

After collecting our senses, the four of us walked to an old brick house sitting nearby. We knocked on the door; some black people were inside. When the blacks seemed reluctant to answer the door, the blonde called through the door that she had a certified letter for them. The blacks opened the door; but when they realized the blonde had lied about the letter, they shut the door in our faces. I told the blonde that she had only needed to tell the truth through the door, to tell the people that we needed help. She hadn't needed to lie.

Discouraged, the four of us headed back toward the car. As we approached the muddy creek, we saw several carriages drawn by horses plowing through the creek water, which wasn't deep. Just as we were about to reach the creek, two girls walked up to us. One was Hispanic and one was blonde. The blonde stopped and spoke to me. She mentioned there was a party nearby and she asked me if I knew how to dance. I told her I sometimes danced. I thought to myself I had been learning to dance lately; I might like to go to the party.

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