Dream of: 02 April 2001 "Golder"

Approximately 10 other students and I were sitting in a classroom at a college in Waco, Texas. All of us were able to attend college because our expenses were being subsidized by Bill Gates. After providing the subsidy for one quarter of school, Gates had abruptly called a meeting. He stood up in front of us. He looked about 40 years old. He unexpectedly announced he couldn't continue providing the subsidy; he explained he was having financial problems.

When he asked what time it was, I pointed to a clock which was on the lower right corner of a television sitting on the other side of the room; it was after eleven o'clock in the morning. I had already missed one class because of this meeting, and now I was missing a second one. I might even fail because of this meeting.

My situation wasn't so precarious as that of the other students. At least I had a law degree I could fall back on. But I was upset because I felt betrayed. I stood up and said I was going to write a nasty letter to Gates. What an affront that a billionaire like himself couldn't afford the paltry amount which he had promised to the students! He took no consideration of us. I knew I should be appreciative of the help which he had given us; but I only felt indignant.

I was unsure what I would do without the subsidy. I might study computer programming outside the college. Or I might try to stay inside the college and study computer programming; that way I could benefit by obtaining a degree.

When I sat back down, a woman sat on my lap with her back was toward me. My penis was between my legs so she couldn't feel it; but I was beginning to have an erection. She was blonde with a good figure. She was older than the other students, but I had to be close to her to detect her age. I estimated she was 27 years old. I asked her how old she was, but she wouldn't tell me. I asked her if she would like to go out with me sometime and she replied, "It depends."

I told her it probably did depend; but I interpreted her response as a maybe.

As we sat there, I began recalling a boy (about 5 years old) who was the son of someone I had met. I thought the boy's name was Golder and I said, "Golder. I met a kid named Golder."

She responded, "Of course you have."

I continued, "A tad bid obnoxious as I remember."

She then told me Golder was the cousin of her daughter.

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