Dream of: 30 March 2001 "Hindu Gods"

Another fellow and I were riding on a motorcycle together. We reached Patriot, Ohio, and as we passed through the village, I was startled by how much Patriot had changed. Many houses had disappeared. We continued down several streets until we reached the spot where the House in Patriot had stood. Now a little gas station stood there. We passed by Madelyn Saunders' house and I pointed out to the other fellow that that house, as well as some others, had always been there. We continued to the corner, but the store which used to sit there had also disappeared.

We drove down another little street, stopped the motorcycle, and climbed off. I was having a problem with the motorcycle and I began working on it. The bike was fairly large, similar to a Suzuki motorcycle I used to own. As I worked, I looked around at the houses and I noticed many houses had paintings of Jesus Christ on their walls. I thought the paintings were pretty, albeit unusual.

One large building caught my attention. I could see inside the building, and I could see a group of Hari Krishnas gathered inside. They were all dressed in maroon clothing and they appeared to be chanting. I thought the fellow with me would be interested, so I pointed them out to him.

He and I walked toward the building. One female Hari Krishna standing outside stopped us as we approached the door. She obviously didn't want us to go inside. So we backed off and just continued to watch from outside. Finally the meeting inside ended and several Hari Krishnas walked out to where we were and a female Hari Krishna began talking with us. Only now did I notice the fellow with me was also dressed up like a Hari Krishna and I concluded he was also a Hari Krishna.

The woman mentioned that they were going to have a contest. I immediately knew what she was talking about: a contest to name all the Hindu gods. I named off Brahman, Shiva, Phocis and several other gods. I tried to remember the names of some of the smaller gods, but I was having difficulty.

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