Dream of: 27 March 2001 (2) "Premonition Of Death"

My grandmother Leacy and I were in a car which my mother was poorly driving -- she even ran off the road once. We were trying to find my grandmother's sister. We arrived at a small cottage, parked the car and walked inside (the door was unlocked). I felt strange about walking without permission into the neat little room. I also thought it odd when my mother went straight to the kitchen and started cooking something.

I was concentrated on finding my grandmother's sister, but I had a terrible premonition the woman might be dead somewhere in the house. I walked down a hall and looked into the rooms on each side of the hallway. Nobody was in any of the rooms. When I came to the last room, the door was closed. I was afraid I would open the door and find the woman's body hanging inside.

I opened the door and saw a large woman lying in the bed. She looked ancient -- perhaps 80 years old -- but she was definitely alive and breathing. My grandmother was right behind me. I tried to push her back so she couldn't come in the room, but she managed to slip around me. She walked over, sat on the bed next to the woman and woke her up. They immediately began hugging each other as if they hadn't seen each other in 100 years. Obviously they were happy to be reunited and I was glad to see the woman didn't mind our being there.

I walked back to the kitchen and began talking with my mother. She said the woman liked to read many books. She said the woman would go to the library and fill up a box with all kinds of novels. Then the woman would sit down and read the novels one after the other.

I thought to myself that I preferred to listen to audio books rather than reading books. It would be interesting if the woman and I could pick out a book which she could read and I could listen to. Then we could compare notes on the book. I thought perhaps we could even share a book by William Faulkner. Reading a book with one of my relatives could prove pleasant.

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