Dream of: 27 March 2001 "Amazing Power"

As I was walking around a mall, looking at the people, I began to imagine I had the power to envision anybody whom I wanted to see. I first thought about envisioning my sister, but she and I hadn't been getting along well lately, so I didn't want to see her. I thought instead, I would envision my brother Adolph. A boy (7-8 years old) walked out, and he looked exactly like Adolph. I knew I was creating him, but the impact of seeing him was so powerful, I held the image and I wanted to cry, I hadn't seen him in so long. He walked on by.

I began looking at a wall which had a piece of dark wood about 30 meters square. I stared at the grain in the wood until I realized I could manipulate the grain with my mind. I could form little pictures of whatever I wanted. I saw ships and birds and other pleasurable objects.

I realized I needed to leave. I walked down some stairs. My right leg felt as if it were asleep, so I had to hop along on one leg. I walked outside into a big parking lot.

People outside seemed to be watching me. I realized I still had the power to envision things. I thought to myself this was what it would be like if I were dreaming and I could control the dream. I knew I wasn't dreaming now, however, because everything was so real.

I thought if I wanted to go somewhere now, I could simply project myself there. I thought I would start by projecting myself about 100 meters away, and suddenly I was 100 meters from where I had been. I tried it again. I looked up ahead about 100 yards, and instantaneously projected myself there, into some woods. This power was so amazing, I thought it would be wonderful if I could do this while I was dreaming.

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