Dream of: 14 March 2001 "Only Son"

I was in my father's home, a strange house which I had never visited before. I was in my father's bedroom, lying on his bed. Another person was lying on the bed with me. As I lay on the bed, I looked up and saw three groups of cobras hanging on some wire contraptions up above the bed. One group of cobras was dark black. The other person and I started discussing how dangerous the snakes were, how they were poisonous, and how they could fall down on us. I couldn't believe my father was living like this.

Finally the other person and I jumped up and ran toward the door. I was afraid we wouldn't reach the door in time, but we did. We dashed into the hallway, where several other people were gathered.

My father (about 50 years old) stepped out of a room into the hallway. He was quite obese. He stepped up to me and said, "You're still my only son."

He hugged me. The hug felt good -- we hadn't seen each other in a long time and we hadn't been getting along at all. Nevertheless, there was something about him that I detested -- I simply didn't like being around him. He pulled away his arms and then walked away.

Among the many people in the hall were at least four women who apparently lived there with my father. All four women were rather ugly. One was an old hag, missing most of her teeth except for a couple sticking out in front. I tried to be friendly to the women. The daughter (6-7 years old) of one of the women stepped up next to me and started talking to me. She pulled her face right up next to mine, as if she wanted to kiss me. I liked the little girl, but I didn't want her to kiss me.

I just wanted to leave. The whole place repulsed me. Just as I was trying to depart, a fellow (18-19 years old) showed up with a long metal rod. He wanted to fight. I picked up a tool box and opened it. I saw inside some tools and some little pieces of sharp metal, like knives. I pulled the little pieces of sharp metal out of the tool box and threw them at the fellow with the metal rod. I was trying to keep him away from me, but I missed every time I threw the metal at him.

A second fellow with a similar metal rod stepped up, and he began jousting with the first fellow. I stepped away out of sight for a moment, but I quickly returned, only to find one of the eyes of the second fellow had been poked out by the first fellow. The second fellow was holding his eye in his hand. He said, "Here's my eye."

I cried, "Oh my God! We've got to get you to the hospital immediately!"

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