Dream of: 12 March 2001 "Roses Are Red"

A bunch of people were busily working for my father, putting down new floors in a house on the Gallia County Farm. I noticed part of the floor was missing in one section, so the floor would be uneven. I pointed out the defect to someone.

My grandfather Liston was also in the house. He said something about my being yellow or a coward. He had also said something derogatory about me earlier. Now I took offense. My father walked into the room and he went along with what my grandfather had said. I decided I was going to show my grandfather I wasn't a coward. I walked over to him and punched him in the stomach. I was wearing black leather gloves which helped make me feel strong. My punch, however, didn't do as much damage as I had expected, and my grandfather and I began scuffling.

A fellow named Roger was also in the room. As I struggled with my grandfather, I said something to Roger. Roger commented that a lot of talk was going on, but no work was being done. My grandfather, to show what he could do, began singing, "Roses are red, my love, violets are blue...." His voice was amazing -- he sounded like a professional singer. Apparently he was challenging me to sing something to compete with him. I knew, however, I wouldn't be able to sing nearly as well as he.

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