Dream of: 09 March 2001 "Walking Out Of Church"

Carolina had invited me to go to church with her. She had been attending the church for a while by herself, but I had never accompanied her. I decided to go. I arrived at the church before Carolina and walked on in. Several people were already sitting in the pews, and I found a place directly in front of the minister, who was standing behind a pulpit. The minister had black hair, but I had difficulty determining whether the minister was a man or a woman.

When Carolina arrived, she first sat down on my right, but then we decided to change positions and she moved over on my left. However, after we changed positions, she scooted about two meters away from me, leaving a space between her and me. I became insulted, and instead of scooting down to where she was, I simply stood up and walked out of the church.

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