Dream of: 04 March 2001 (2) "Skyrocketing Stock"

While visiting the House in Patriot, I had set up a computer in the kitchen area, and had opened the page to a screen where I could trade stocks with the broker which I typically used. I quickly bought 3,000 shares of a steel-manufacturing company. I paid around $6 a share, and was amazed as I watched the price jump almost immediately to $8 a share. I sold 1,000 shares for a $2,000 profit, and was getting ready to sell the other 2,000 shares, when the stock skyrocketed to $15 a share. Obviously some favorable news about the company must have been released. I had never seen a stock rise so quickly, and I was anxious to sell the other 2,000 shares as fast as I could to secure my profit. However, I was having difficulty with the screen, which was different from the one I normally used. The screen didn't have a button for executions, and thus I couldn't ascertain whether my buy order for 3,000 and my subsequent sell order for 1,000 had been filled. I felt certain the orders had been filled, but I nevertheless needed to see them. As I scrambled to figure out how I could ascertain my executions, I hollered out to my mother, who was also in the kitchen, that I had just made over $12,000. She was as surprised as I was.

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