Dream of: 04 March 2001 "Stock Markets"

I was sitting at a desk in a room of an office building. Many other men were sitting at other desks all around me. This was my first day of work at this location, and I was still unfamiliar with what I was doing. I wasn't employed by anyone; I was working for myself. However, I wasn't entirely sure what I was supposed to be doing. Thus, when I had an opportunity, I began talking to some of the men around me, trying to determine what kind of work they were doing.

One man in particular attracted my attention. He was a strong-looking fellow (probably in his late 30s). After we had talked a short while, I could tell he was well-informed. He spoke of two African nations which were warring against each other, and he seemed to have knowledge of the conflict. I enjoyed talking with him and hearing him speak. We both seemed to have much information which we could share with each other.

He finally told me that he was in the business of providing funding for stock markets, and that he had done so for 1,100 different stock markets. Unsure what he meant, I asked further questions until I understood he provided funding for the formation of stock markets which apparently were scattered all over the United States. When I told him I had never heard of such a thing, I heard someone in the background titter, as if I must certainly be green. Then I corrected myself and said that actually just the day before I had heard about someone who had provided the funding to set up an American stock market. So the idea of funding the formation of a stock market wasn't entirely foreign to me. However, I had been unaware as many as 1,100 different stock markets could exist in the United States. True, I had heard of some regional stock markets, even though I little understood how they functioned. But 1,100!?

As I talked further with the fellow, he seemed to be leading me to a question which I needed to answer, and suddenly I knew what the question was: What is a stock market? I suddenly realized my actual knowledge of the nature of a stock market was sorely lacking. However, I also realized only a very few people ever avidly studied the mechanisms of a stock market to learn how it functioned. I was going to be one of those people. And this building, this place in which I found myself, was going to be my learning ground. I thanked the fellow for his instruction, for having led me in the right direction, and I took my leave of him.

Now I understood more why I was in this building. My presence here had something to do with the stock market. I was employed here on the very lowest level and today I would begin to learn. When I left the fellow, I didn't walk away – I flew. I flew all over the building, down corridors, between desks filled with people working. I was given free reign of the huge building and was allowed to go and learn wherever I wanted.

As I flew around, I wondered if I might meet a woman here, a woman like me who could also fly, who was doing the same kind of things as I. Suddenly, however, I realized I was no longer interested in finding a woman; such an interest seemed to be a thing of my past, something I had outgrown. The power which I was seeking in this place was far more important, and I didn't feel the need of finding a woman to accompany me on this quest.

Finally, I flew outside and around the building, located in a country area, close to a large pond. As I flew out over the pond, I reflected on my life and the direction it was now taking. My being a lawyer would certainly help me. Not only would my being a lawyer give me credence in working with these new people, but my knowledge of the law would assist me in many ways. However, I now saw that I was moving past the practice of law, that I was moving to a new stage in my life.

Suddenly, my identity struck me like an epiphany. I wasn't going to fund stock markets; I was going to actually run a stock market. I had a vision of a futuristic-looking chair floating in the air inside a huge complex building, a building which resembled the interior of a computer. I could see myself sitting in this chair, the command post for a stock market. The vision was of the future, of devices and gadgets which hadn't even yet been invented. I had small keyboards at my fingertips and small computer screens arranged in front of the floating chair. I was sitting in the seat of a power I had never known, and I was in my place.

As the vision faded, I began contemplating the more practical aspects of running a stock market. I would probably first need to concentrate on a distinct area. I was fairly well-versed in technology stocks and felt drawn to the bio-technology area. I was aware of the complexities of bio-technology and medical stocks; this would be one of the most difficult areas to conquer. This area, however, attracted me most.

As I contemplated learning more about medical stocks, I thought how running a stock marked was sometimes like being a doctor. Sometimes a doctor had to make a decision to cut off a person's life support. And sometimes a stock market had to make a decision to delist a stock. I had seen this happen many times on the NASDAQ. The NASDAQ had certain rules regarding the value of a stock. Typically if the price of a stock fell below $1 for a certain period of time, the stock was delisted. This delisting was considered by some to be the death warrant for the company.

If I were running a stock market, I would have much information about such delistings, and I would know when to sell the stocks short. I had often shorted stocks in the past, but I usually was reluctant to short a stock whose price was under $1. (Once I had lost some money on such a short sell). However, I now realized that sometimes the best time to short a stock is when its price was so low. In the future, I would be watching for my opportunity to short these companies which were headed for delisting and bankruptcy. For now, however, I still had a lot to learn.

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