Dream of: 27 February 2001 "The Scent Of A Woman"

As I was walking through the halls of a building which resembled a college dormitory, I was approached by two college-aged girls looking for the bathroom. I led them to the bathroom, which was used by both men and women, opened the door and walked inside with them. From the girls' speech, I inferred that they were both German, and I began speaking German with them. In one sentence I used the word "nutzen," pronouncing the first syllable like the English word "new." One of the girls, a blonde, corrected me, and said the first syllable of the word was properly pronounced like the English word "nuts." I repeated the word "nutzen" in my mind several times, trying to perfect the pronunciation. The rest of my conversation with the girls was conducted in English, which they spoke better than I spoke German.


I was sitting on the right side of the back seat of a car, while a male friend of mine was sitting on the left side. The two German girls were sitting in the front seat. The girl on the passenger side, directly in front of me, was turned toward me, talking to me. She was blonde and absolutely gorgeous. I guessed she was in her first year of college (about 17 years old). When I asked her if my guess were correct, she indicated they were. I asked her how old she thought I was; she guessed I was 33. I laughed out loud and told her I was 48. She could hardly believe it. Clearly, up to this point, she had been interested in me, but now that she knew how old I was, she was obviously hesitating. I told her even though I was 48, all my parts were functioning. She asked what I meant by that. My intent had been to let her know that my penis functioned well, but I told her I had meant my hands, arms, etc.

We continued talking, until without giving any warning, I leaned toward her and began kissing her. I was taking a chance; she might push me away in disgust. But, instead, she kissed me back with the most delicious soft lips I could imagine. The kiss was incredibly sensual and pleasurable. After a short time, I simply pulled her over the back seat and into my lap. We were both completely naked, and she sat on top of me, pressing her body against mine, her pubic area taut on mine. However, I didn't intend to actually have sex with her, and I didn't use my hands to touch her in any intimate area. I just continued kissing and kissing her, changing positions in the back seat several times. At one point she was lying on top of me, her back toward me, so that my penis was sticking up between her legs. And yet I never tried to insert. She just seemed a little too young and innocent for that.


The two girls, my male friend, and I were in a room, all naked, all looking for some clothes to put on. We found some robes, arranged on a rack almost as if they were being sold in a store, and each of us picked one out to put on. My robe was dark blue and had a hood, like a boxer's robe. No sooner had we finished putting on the robes than I heard a knock at the front door. I looked toward the door and through the window of the door I could see my mother standing outside. Suddenly, I realized we were in my mother's home. I walked to the door and let her in. She looked as if she were in her early 30's and she was obviously very angry that we were in her house like that. I told her we would leave and go to a motel, and I asked her if we could find a motel nearby where we could obtain a room for all four of us. My mother acted as if it were awful that all four of us would stay in the same room. I told her I simply wanted a room for the four of us because I was short on funds, and it would be cheaper for the four of us to share a room.


The next morning, the other fellow and I were sitting in front of a brick house in a suburban residential area when the two German girls, along with two other women, walked up. The two new women was gorgeous. One was blonde and the other a red head. They were older than the German girls, probably in their early 20s. I walked over to the blonde and introduced myself. Then I walked over to the redhead and did the same. Even though they knew how old I was, they both seemed interested in me. I moved closer to the redhead, who was wearing a black strapless dress, leaving her shoulders completely uncovered, and I commented to her that the day had been hot. I lowered my head to her shoulder, so I could smell her perfume, but I also could smell the slight sent of perspiration. She was obviously becoming aroused by my being so close to her, but she stopped me, saying, "Sonia will be jealous." Sonia, apparently, was the name of the beautiful blond German girl.

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