Dream of: 24 February 2001 "Missing Table Saw"

After a few days absence, I had returned to the home where Carolina and I were living a huge old frame house, gabled, dark on the outside as if never painted, labyrinthine inside. As I stood in one of the upstairs rooms and looked out the window into the backyard, overhung with trees and spotted with brown leaves, I realized something was missing. I couldn't recall precisely, but I knew several items has been sitting in the yard before I had left, items which had now disappeared.

I descended the stairs and by the time I had made my way to the back yard, I had remembered at least two of the items an old couch with yellow vinyl covering, like a lawn couch, and a thick brown butcher table, with a top a little over a meter square. Something else had also been in the backyard, but I couldn't remember what. I shuffled around the back yard a few minutes, trying to remember, chastising myself for having been so negligent as to leave my possessions out here where they could be carted off. I wasn't particularly attached to any of the missing items, but they did have some value. I had gone to the trouble of dragging them in from who-knows-where, and should have at least taken care of the them until able to sell them.

I walked back into the house, where I found Carolina (only about 16 years old), and I began questioning her. She was particularly pretty today and since I had been absent for a while, I was definitely in the mood for being with her. Every part of her enticed me; almost immediately I had an erection. I didn't want to spend much time with foreplay, but would prefer to simply disrobe her as quickly as possible.

She, however, after hearing my questions, had something to confess. The confession concerned the third missing item from the backyard an almost brand-new table saw. The table saw was far and away the most valuable of the items, and I was distressed to realize it had also disappeared. I had never used the saw much, but I had hoped the one day I would have time to put it to use. The saw had been a treasure I would miss.

Carolina told her story. She had needed to cut a piece of wood, and had decided that in order to do so, she needed to take the saw to a local bank, set the saw up in front of the bank, and cut the wood there. So she had loaded up the saw and hauled it off to the bank. When she had returned home from the bank, she had neglected to bring the saw with her, and ultimately, the saw had disappeared.

Her story made almost no sense to me. Why in the world would she transport a table saw to a bank in order to cut a piece of wood? If I hadn't been so attracted to her at the moment, I might have asked more questions, or might have even become angry. Instead, my mind was focused only on pulling off her clothes, which I accomplished in short order, revealing her firm young body. The attraction was overpowering. After likewise peeling off my own clothes, I pulled her down next to me on the couch. She seemed a little distracted, almost as if she were reading a book. I didn't mind, just as long as I could put myself in position. As she lay on her side, I parted her legs, steered myself toward her, and entered.

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