Dream of: 22 February 2001 "Fetching Frisbees"

Picasso and I were taking a walk at the NRH2O Park (a park in North Richland Hills, Texas). I was carrying an orange Frisbee which I would throw to Picasso for him to catch. However, as we walked along the south edge of the park, I overthrew the Frisbee into the swampy area which bordered the park, and the Frisbee landed in some water about eight meters from the edge of the park. I looked out towards the Frisbee, trying to decide how I could retrieve it. Numerous dead logs and branches lay cluttered in the swamp perhaps I could step on them one at a time until I reached the Frisbee. But that would be risky I could fall off into the water. Besides, I was barefoot, and the idea of falling into the water without any shoes seemed dangerous.

Finally, I thought of the solution. I would simply call Picasso and send him into the water to fetch the Frisbee. I often threw sticks into ponds for him to fetch, so this shouldn't be much different. I called him and when I told him to fetch, he plunged into the swamp. I lost sight of him for a moment, and when he popped back up at my side, he was carrying a Frisbee. However, the Frisbee he was carrying was red; my orange Frisbee was still lying in the same place as before. This whole predicament might turn out better than I had expected. If I could just persuade Picasso to now fetch the orange Frisbee, I would end up with two Frisbees instead of one.

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