Dream of: 16 February 2001 "Put Down The Gun!"

I had driven my father's car to the 29th Street House, where I intended to start living with my mother. However, almost as soon as I was in the House I began to find being here intolerable. Besides my mother, my father and another woman were in the House, and the woman said something which made me angry. I decided I was going to leave. However, I wouldn't be able to take my father's car, because he asked me for the keys. As I handed them to him, I sarcastically muttered, "Things worked out well for everybody."

As I was about to leave, my mother tried to persuade me to stay by threatening to blackmail me. She brought up the fact that I had gone out with a girl who lived across the street, a girl only 14 years old. My mother told me if I left, she (my mother) would tell the police I had gone out with the girl, and since the girl was so young, I would be arrested. I told my mother to go ahead and tell the police.

I picked up several books which I wanted to take with me and I headed for the front door. But just as I was about to walk out the door, I looked outside and saw a woman and a boy standing outside in front of the door. The boy (about 16 years old) was holding a gun. I backed up as I realized the boy was the brother of the girl who lived across the street. I screamed at the boy, "Put down the gun! Put down the gun!"

I turned around and headed toward the back door just as the boy managed to enter the House through the front door. I reached the back door, opened it, and ran outside onto the deck. I ran down the stairs of the deck and across the back yard. If I could only reach the fence at the end of the yard, I might be able to escape through the gate in the fence. I saw some tall grass where I might be able to hide. The situation was grim: the boy was already standing on the back deck, carefully taking aim at me.

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