Dream of: 15 February 2001 "Score!"

I was playing a game of basketball on an inside basketball court. The other team had the ball and one of their players tried what looked like a ridiculous shot. From almost mid-court, the player stood with his back toward his basket and threw the ball backwards toward the basket. Surprisingly, the ball hit the basket, but it didn't go in. However, the ball had been thrown with such force, it appeared the basket might have been damaged.

The game continued and the action moved down to my team's end of the court. A player from the other side gained possession of the ball and threw the ball clear back to the other end of the court, where the ball bounced out of bounds. The ball would now be ours, but someone needed to run to the end of the court and retrieve the ball first. I didn't want to go, and I thought someone younger and more vigorous than I could retrieve the ball.

When the ball was retrieved, it was given to Donna, who was on my side. She stood out of bounds, ready to throw the ball in. I wasn't far from our basket, and I waved my arms at Donna to throw the ball to me. She threw me the ball. I caught it and dribbled a couple times, trying to get in position to shoot. I was worried about the shot. My arms seemed weak and I wasn't even certain I could throw the ball all the way to the basket.

When I realized a fellow from the other team (dressed in black) was right on top of me, blocking my shot, I looked for Donna, who now was on the court and moving toward me. She seemed sharp and alert, just looking for the chance to act. We both seemed to know what each other was thinking, and as she moved past me, I passed the ball to her. At the same time I blocked the fellow next to me from going toward her. She raced toward the basket and shot a lay-up. The ball rolled around the top of the rim, and we couldn't tell if it was going to fall in. Finally, to my complete joy, the ball rolled into the basket and fell through. Donna had scored! I felt happy we had been able to work together.

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