Dream of: 12 February 2001 "Disappointing Speech In Church"

I was riding in a car filled with teenagers who all belonged to some kind of Christian religious group. They were taking me to their church. When we arrived, I couldn't believe how big the red-brick church was. As we drove toward an interior courtyard, the church towered high above us, and statues could be seen up on high. I commented that I had never been in a church this large in the United States (although I thought I had seen comparable churches in Europe).

When we finally stopped the car and stepped out, a girl (about 15 years old) seemed to take charge and began leading me around. We walked into the church and passed by rooms where quaint little workshops had been set up. One workshop contained several old televisions. Other workshops also contained old items, and I concluded whoever was running this place had an interest in antiques.

We arrived in a room with many chairs where people were seated and listening to some kind of speech. As I listened, I became increasingly distraught. I was disappointed that nothing important was being discussed. I would have liked to have argued with the group about the bases of their religion. I specifically wanted to say, "I do not think that Jesus Christ was the son of God."

I wanted to clearly state why I believed this and why I didn't believe much else in the Bible. I also wanted to talk about Islam and Mohammad, and explain why I also didn't believe in Mohammad's teachings, but I had the feeling that no one was interested.

I thought I might also point out that at least two of the 14-15 year-old girls (including the one showing me around) had shown an interest in me and that they acted as if they wanted to have sex with me. I didn't intend to have sex with them, even though I found them attractive. I would simply like to point out that the behavior of the girls didn't seem to comport with behavior which should take place in a church.

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