Dream of: 10 February 2001 "Distraught Phone Call"

As I was checking my messages on my answering machine, I began listening to a message from a black woman who said she had been one of my clients many years ago. I seemed to remember the woman, but I couldn't distinctly recall who she was. Quite distraught, she began crying as she told me her husband was in jail for a misdemeanor offense. She wanted to know if I could help him.

When the message ended, I sat and thought about what the woman had said. I wondered how she had obtained my phone number, because my number was unlisted. She must have gone to quite a bit of trouble to have uncovered it. I had received similar entreaties in the past from other people and I had ignored them. I hadn't practiced law for quite a while and I had made a concerted effort to avoid taking on new cases, but lately I had been thinking I might like to start practicing a little law again. Financially, I was still secure and I didn't have to work, so money wasn't the driving factor, although, of course, if I worked, I would expect to be paid. Mainly, however, I just felt the urge to go to court, to get in front of a jury.

If I practiced law again, I could do so more on my terms now. I didn't have an office, and I didn't feel the need to obtain one. I much preferred working out of the house than going into an office. And I could dress however I felt. I even began envisioning meeting the woman at the jail, telling her to look for the man – me – wearing the black tee shirt.

Thinking of meeting her at the jail made me ponder the more technical aspects. I could bail the fellow out of jail on a simple attorney's bond, since I was still in good standing at the Dallas County Jail. I would probably charge the woman $75-$100 for the bond. Then of course, I would have to prepare a contract of representation. I would probably charge $500 for simple representation and $1,000-$2,000 for a jury trial. I knew that was cheap, but I was rusty and this case would be more practice than anything.  I was still uncertain I even wanted to do it. I would have to give the matter some more thought.

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