Dream of: 09 February 2001 "Salvage"

I was standing outside the House in Patriot. Beside the House, where the road used to be, a mighty river was now flowing past. The river was so wide, I couldn't see the other side The water was dark and muddy and debris lay along the bank. Small trees growing on the bank had bent over into the water and caught logs which had been floating in the river. I wanted to cut the trees and free up the debris, but I was uncertain exactly how to go about it. If I used a chain saw, I would have to lean precariously over the bank to cut the trees. Nevertheless, I wanted to try, if I could only find a chainsaw.

I walked over to the bank to examine the debris more closely. Finally, I stepped out onto the debris which was probably a couple meters square and sturdy enough to hold my weight. On the bank, at the edge of the debris, jutted up the stump of a tree (about two meters high and twelve centimeters in diameter), whose top had been gnawed off by a beaver. I grabbed the spindly stump, bent it until it snapped, and then flung it out into the water. It floated upright for a while sticking straight up out of the water. Then it slowly began sinking, finally disappearing with a little splash. I wondered whether it would sink to the bottom and cause me problems if I ever fished here. But then I recalled that this river was man-made and that on the bottom were many other dead trees which had been killed when the land had been flooded; one more little stump wouldn't make any difference.

I stepped back onto the bank and watched more debris sweep by. Clearly a flood had occurred and the debris was being swept down from upstream. Finally something quite large caught my eye: a big container (about two meters cubed) like a large blue garbage container was passing by, floating on the water. The container became caught in a little eddy close to the bank and was finally swept up onto the shore, on top of a pile of other debris about two meters high. As I stood wondering what was inside the container, it tipped over right in front of me. I was surprised to see it was full of white sand which spilled all over the ground. I thought the sand would make a rather welcome addition to the bank. But I was also interested in the container, thinking I might be able to salvage it.

I knew Carolina was in the house and I hollered for her to come out. She did so. She looked bright and perky (probably in her mid 20s). After I had pointed out the container to her, I walked over to it and picked it up. It was made of blue durable plastic and was quite easy to handle. I told her that I wanted to keep it and that it must be worth something. I thought I needed to salvage it as quickly as possible before someone else saw it.

Carolina didn't seem much interested in what I was doing. Instead she told me she had been inside the House reading my dreams. Lately I had been arranging my dreams in different categories and I had compiled a group of dreams in which Carolina had appeared. She had been reading those and she had come across a dream in the bunch in which she had been dancing for me while clapping her hands and smacking her butt. She did a little movement for me where she slapped her butt and told me until she had read the dream, she hadn't known I liked the "Patty" (the name she had given to the action of dancing and slapping her butt).

I wasn't very friendly. She and I hadn't been getting along as well as we could lately. Even though she was now demonstrating her willingness to be nice to me and do what I wanted, I remained aloof and told her there was no point in telling her what I liked because if I did so, she would make a point of not doing it just because she knew I liked it. However, for now at least, she seemed as if she wanted to be close to me, and as if she wanted to know what I would like for her to do. I wondered if I might indeed like to see her dance.

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