Dream of: 06 February 2001 "Female Chinese Midget"

I was driving on a highway through the mountains. I was using cruise control, speeding along at 70 MPH, which seemed a bit fast, so I lowered it to 60. I was headed to a place called Eagle Pass. I wasn't completely sure what I was going to do at Eagle Pass, but I thought it might be a ski resort since I had previously visited a few ski resorts in the mountains. I finally headed straight up the side of a mountain, and by the time I reached the top, I was no longer in the car, but was traveling on foot, no longer on a road, but on a grass path with beautiful trees on both sides of the path. I was also carrying something which resembled a canoe.

As I walked, I thought I heard someone holler. I couldn't see anyone at first, but finally I saw two people walking around among the trees. The two looked as if they might be locals who lived around here. One appeared to be carrying a dead rabbit. They made me uncomfortable.

The path was beginning to slant downwards and since I wanted to put distance between me and the two locals, I set my canoe down on the ground, climbed in and began sliding on the grass down the side of the hill.

When I reached the bottom of the hill, I stopped, climbed out of the canoe, and encountered Melanie. She was also headed to Eagle Pass. I pulled out a map, spread it out on the ground, and we both began examining it. Although we determined Billings was four miles away, I was uncertain whether Eagle Pass was before or after Billings. Since we still had quite a ways to go, I thought we might camp out here for the night.

Suddenly I heard someone approaching. When I saw two people walking toward us, I at first thought they were the same two men I had seen in the woods. But they weren't. One was a female Chinese midget. She was rather grotesque. She looked exhausted. She picked up a blanket lying near us. I didn't whether the blanket belonged to her or to us, but it looked as if she and the other person might be planning to camp here next to us. I wasn't happy about two strangers spending the night next to us.

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