Dream of: 03 February 2001 (2) "Two Mirrors"

I had just finished taking a shower and was walking through the house with a towel wrapped around me, when I ran into Carolina who pointed out a group of nine or ten high school cheerleaders, clad in blue and white uniforms, standing on the front porch. Since no curtains were on the windows, I was worried the cheerleaders could see me, and I hurried to the next room where I put on some clothes.

Slowly I began to remember where I was – an old house which Carolina and I had bought and fixed up. The house was small, only four or five rooms and only one story. It had been extremely dilapidated when we had first purchased it; we hadn't even been certain it could be repaired. We had quickly gone to work, and room by room, had plastered and painted until the house had changed right before our eyes into something quite presentable. The bright paints had produced a remarkable effect.

We had also moved in some furniture which gave the house a cheerier appearance. In the room where I was standing was a large fireplace with a mirror over it, and standing next to the fireplace was a dresser with another mirror on top. The mirror on the dresser was in an elaborately-carved wooden frame. While I was watching, Carolina walked into the room, took the mirror off the dresser and carried it to the next room, apparently to clean it. I immediately noticed how much paler the room looked without the dresser mirror, and I was somewhat amazed that in such a short time I had grown so accustomed to seeing the dresser mirror in the room.

We had bought the house with the intention of selling it as quickly as possible and making a handsome profit. I was already trying to decide how much money I wanted for the house, but I couldn't remember where the house was located, and I knew location was of central importance in determining the price. I definitely needed to find out where we were.

However, I was faced with an immediate decision: Carolina walked back into the room and told me that a man had arrived to look at the house and that he might be interested in buying it. The arrival of the man was a surprise because I didn't think I had yet advertised the house for sale. But, I wasn't one to pass up an opportunity, and if someone was here to buy the house, I would have to come up with a price. I told Carolina I might ask $199,000 for the house, but I quickly realized such a price was probably too high. Based on the amount of money we had invested in the house, if I were to sell the house for $149,000, I would make a substantial profit. So, I decided I would tell the man that for today and today only I would sell the house for $149,000; the price could change radically after today when I figured out where the house was located.

I walked into the next room and met the man. He was tall and thin (perhaps 70 years old). I walked with him from room to room, trying to gauge how he felt about what he was seeing. Finally we ended up in the bathroom, where I noticed the ceiling had only been half painted. I would have to finish that job as soon as possible.

When the man walked out of the bathroom, I stayed, because I had found in the bathroom two other people whom I knew: Tindall and Tindall's girlfriend, Graham (who looked very much like Melanie). They appeared to be in their early 20s and they were also looking over the house. I was uncertain whether they were interested in buying it, or were just browsing around.

Tindall and I began talking and our conversation turned to Buckner. Tindall told me that Buckner had gone somewhere with another fellow who used to live close to Buckner. Tindall's story wasn't completely clear, and I began asking him questions, trying to clarify what he was saying.

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