Dream of: 02 February 2001 "Oedipal Complex"

I had reached a fork in my life. I had recently graduated from college, but I hadn't yet decided what I would do next. As I contemplated my future, I could hear a man talking on a radio in the background, describing how the Russians now had a missile which they could launch at the moon and knock the moon out of orbit. The idea seemed insane to me, and I now realized it was my duty to go out into the world and try to prevent such insanity; at least I had that much direction. I did have an important role to play in my life; I therefore needed to be sure of what I was doing before I proceeded.

I was sitting on a couch and my mother was sitting next to me. She looked completely different from her normal self. I leaned toward her and began kissing her on the neck. She obviously enjoyed the attention. Since my father was in the next room, my mother and I had to be quiet so he wouldn't hear us. As my caresses became more impassioned, I slid my hand down between my mother's legs, inside her clothes, and inserted my finger into her vagina. Our flirtations didn't last long; I soon stood up from the couch, walked out the door, and began walking down the street.

As I proceeded, I began mulling over what had just occurred. I slowly realized the whole episode with my mother had been a dream. I recalled having read Sigmund Freud's discussions of sexual dreams between a son and his mother, and how Freud had coined the term "oedipal complex" when he had described these dreams.

I further reflected how I didn't like to write down that kind of dream. I thought most men wouldn't enjoy recording dreams of having sex with their mothers. However, now that I had read more about the oedipal complex, I realized these dreams weren't as malignant as they seemed. Actually, having this kind of dream was quite normal. I thought when I had these dreams, I should definitely start writing them and letting people read them. Even though I didn't like writing these dreams, if the dreams were read in the proper context, they would provide healthy reading material.

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