Dream of: 29 January 2001 "Plastic Horse"

A woman and I were looking at a map of Central America and southern Mexico. On the map, the area around Guatemala and Cancun were covered with clouds. Since the map was somewhat translucent, we discovered we could put our hands under the map and could then see through the clouds. We were also able to rub our hands over the map and disperse the clouds.

I was very interested in the geography of the region. The maps showed two lakes in the area of Cancun, one of which was named "Teotijuacan." When I told the woman there was another Teotijuacan in northern Mexico, she laughed derisively at me. I  said, "I wish I were with you all the time." I thought of telling her I was just being facetious, but I didn't. Actually I was half serious - I liked being with her because she was very smart. She made me think.

As we looked at the map, I was thinking about a project I had in mind. I wanted to create something. I was thinking of creating a gigantic mold of a horse which would be two or three times life size. After creating the mold, I would find old plastic Clorox bottles, melt them down, and pour them in the mold. The mold would have to be made with intricate detail, showing all the facial features of the horse.

Suddenly I was actually creating the mold. While I was still working on the mold (which turned out to be life-size), I was in a public place and hundreds of people had come to see the mold of the horse. I climbed up on the mold of the horse and sat on it, as if I were riding it. The mold wouldn't have a saddle, but I thought a saddle could be put on the finished sculpture. I was still trying to determine whether the horse would be rearing up with its front feet in the air.

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