Dream of: 28 January 2001 "Stolen Freud"

I had been walking around the streets of London, until I finally found and boarded a small city bus. The bus had no seats and all the passengers were sitting on the floor listening to something  playing in the background. I likewise sat on the floor and put down on the floor the books which I was carrying. Mostly women were sitting near me, one of whom was wearing a blue jacket with a blue fur collar. She was sitting so close to me, the fur touched my face and I could smell her. I thought to myself I hadn't been this close to a strange woman in a long time. I sat back and closed my eyes, enjoying the nearness of the women.

When I finally opened my eyes, I looked around and discovered my books had disappeared. I stood up and frantically began searching, asking the other passengers if anyone had seen my books. When they all responded they hadn't seen anything, I gasped, "I can't believe it."

Finally, when I was just about to get off the bus, a black woman dressed all in white stepped up to me and said she thought she knew who had taken my books. When the bus stopped, the woman and I both stepped off. She told me she would see if she could find my books, and she started to leave. Uncertain what to do, I asked her if she were going to return to me, and she said she didn't think so. Her response was completely unacceptable to me – if she didn't return, how was I going to retrieve my books? I grabbed her by the arm, and seeing a police car nearby, I hollered, "Police! Police!"

The police car pulled up near me. A woman police officer was driving. I quickly began telling the police officer exactly what had happened. The police officer stepped out of the car and began listening more closely to my story. I told the officer several books had been taken. I could only remember one book, a book about Sigmund Freud. I told her the book was the first volume of a four volume set. I was uncertain the other three volumes of the set were about Freud, but I knew the first volume was devoted to Freud.

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