Dream of: 27 January 2001 "Faithful Whores"

I was with my father and my mother inside a house where my mother was living right next to the Gallia County Farm. My mother's mind had been deteriorating lately and she was now almost senile.

My father was in his usual mean and angry mood. He was looking at a plastic shoe-holder hanging on the door of a closet. No shoes were in the shoe-holder, and he was complaining about the junk which had been crammed into the shoe-holder instead. I stuck my hand into one of the pockets. When I felt something inside, I was afraid that it was marijuana which I might have stuck in there years ago, and that my father had uncovered it. To my relief, it was only candy. My father was correct: it needed to be cleaned out -- rats might get into it. As my mother wisped around the room, I took down the shoe-holder, planning to clean it out. 

I walked outside and stood on the back porch, thinking about my father. Since my mother's mind was going, he would no doubt berate me for waiting so long to come back there. I was already angry at him, however, because I thought he was the one to blame because he had abandoned us so many years ago. 

As I walked back inside, I thought about how strange it was that I would someday inherit this house from my mother, especially since it was right next to the Farm -- what a coincidence that the house was right next to the Farm. I would probably never inherit the Farm, but I would receive this house looking out over the Farm.

The house's being next to the Farm was actually not such a coincidence, I thought. Many families built their houses close to their parents and that was what had happened in this case. My mother had built this house close to the Farm, which had originally been owned by her parents, my grandfather Liston and my grandmother Leacy

As I looked back out the window, out over the surrounding land, I suddenly realized Symmes Creek had risen. It was very high -- I had never seen it that high. It was, in fact, almost up to the floor of the house.

I ran back outside. I now remembered I had my own house which sat behind this house. When I looked behind this house for my house, I discovered my house was no longer there -- the creek had washed it away. I also knew my sister had a house nearby, and when I looked for it, I saw it had also disappeared. Even worse, my sister (who had been outside) had also vanished. She had probably gone back to her house to retrieve some pictures and had been swept away. That really bothered me.

I also had a collie which I loved, and it likewise had disappeared. 

I ran back into the house to fetch my mother. I brought her back outside and we began wading through the water, looking around at how fast the water was rising. I realized my mother's house was probably also going to be swept away. I told her to forget about the house, that now we simply needed to concentrate on getting out of there alive. I began trying to develop a plan. I thought perhaps we should go back inside the house, and if it floated away, perhaps we could float away with it. Or maybe we could find something to hold onto. Or maybe we could reach higher ground. I looked out over the many trees which surrounded the house. 

My mother began talking, almost out of her head. She said something about some "faithful whores." I knew what she was thinking about -- later hiring some black women to help take care of her, and she was referring to them as "faithful whores." 

I didn't have time for that chatter right now, however. We were in a desperate situation and I was unsure I would be able to save us. I said to my mother, "Come on."

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