Dream of: 26 January 2001 "Renoir"

My wife Carolina and I were in the house of a man for whom she seemed to be working as a housekeeper. The man wasn't home at the moment, and I was looking at three paintings which the man owned. All three were abstract works, and were rather small, each only about a foot square. All were the works of famous artists and quite valuable. I was familiar with all the artists – Renoir was one – and I repeated the painters' names over in my mind as I scrutinized the paintings.

Unexpectedly, the man returned and strolled into the room. He was probably about 50 years old, dressed in a suit, and he looked exactly like Danny DeVito. He was quite friendly and he didn't seem at all concerned that I was in his home. He seemed interested that I had been looking at the paintings. He walked over to the wall where all three were hanging and admired them. Happy to have his attention, I excitedly blurted out, "How much are they worth?'

He asked me how much I thought they were worth and I told him that I had looked in an art book and that the three paintings were priced at $40,000, $40,000 and $30,000. As I spoke out each amount, I pointed to the appropriate painting, and I even pulled out the book from which I had obtained my information. But I also added that the book was out of date, and that the paintings might be worth more, especially the one by Renoir. And when I thought more, I realized that according to my figures, all three paintings only totaled $100,000. When the man looked at me somewhat disdainfully, as if my appraisals were far too low, I realized my mistake and I gushed, "The Renoir alone should be worth $100,000."

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