Dream of: 25 January 2001 "Snakes In The Treetops"

Another person and I were walking on a path in a wooded area of the Gallia County Farm, when I decided to show how much faster I could move if I were to fly. I began floating along above the ground, gradually moving along faster and faster, until soon I had lost sight of the other person. I was flying fine, enjoying myself, when suddenly a gust of wind pushed me up above the trees. I lost control of my flight, and was at the complete mercy of the wind. I had experienced this same problem before, and although frightened, I tried not to panic. I became perfectly still and I didn't make any movements myself, until finally the wind relented and I slowly began descending. I could see I was going to land in a group of trees on a ridge on the hill behind the old tobacco barn. When I reached the top of one of the trees, I reached out and began grabbing onto small branches, trying to slow my descent. Soon I found myself in the middle of the upper branches of the trees. Finally, I came to a stop, holding onto some larger branches of the tree.

As I continued to lower myself down the tree, I found myself in a dreadful predicament: snakes! Several large black snakes were curled up on one branch, entwined in each other. Scared of me, they reared their heads back and opened their mouths, flashing their fangs as if they were about to strike. My situation became more precarious as I managed to snag my left leg between two branches only about a foot away from the snakes. As I struggled to free myself, I ended up hanging upside down; if I tried to lift my leg out of the snag, I would have to raise the leg into the nest of snakes. I reflected I had never actually been bitten by a snake – I didn't want this to be the first time. I continued to struggle, gesturing at the snakes, until one by one they withdrew, and, finally, I was able to free myself.

Now I could see more clearly where I was. The top of the tree had been blown out, but the broken limb was still resting here perpendicularly in the top of the tree, making a convenient spot for the snakes to live. This place could even be used by a person, like Tarzan, to make a house and live up here. But, as I again began descending, I realized the tree was uninhabitable because the trunk was rotten, and limbs were snapping off left and right from my weight. When I finally reached the ground, I gave the tree a kick, and the whole rotten thing toppled over.

From where I was standing, I could see the Farmhouse far below this high ridge. I could also see numerous large tree stumps around me where someone had recently chopped down most of the trees on this ridge. I wondered whether my father or my step-grandfather Clarence had cut down the trees. I hated to see the trees on the Farm disappear like that.

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