Dream of: 23 January 2001 "The Refugee's Antique Flutes"

I had been put in charge of approximately 400 Asian refugees who had been brought to a farm which I was running. They lined up in a rectangular formation for me to examine them. I wasn't quite certain what I was supposed to do with the refugees; I would probably have to put them to work on the farm. However, as I looked them over, I realized I wouldn't be able to provide for all of them; so I decided to pick out the prettiest women to keep. Another fellow was helping me, and I told him to pick out five or six of the prettiest women from the group. I also concentrated on picking out five or six. I was surprised by the beauty of some of the women. Most refugees, however, were simply ordinary people. One small cluster didn't even look like Asians, but like Hispanics. Something about them reminded me of the conquered Hispanics who had lived in California when the Americans had marched in after the Mexican American War.


I was looking over a second group of almost 400 refugees. This group was staying in town, in an old building which used to be a store. Some of their possessions had been hung on one wall, and I was intrigued to see four or five flutes among the items. A couple of the flutes were very old. I picked up a couple of the flutes and tried to play them. I liked the look and feel of the flutes, and thought to myself that since I was in charge here, I could simply take them if I wanted to. But then I realized they belonged to the fellow helping me. He was about 25 years old and looked Hispanic. I didn't simply want to take his flutes from him, but I was concerned that the flutes might be stolen; everything in this building was vulnerable to being confiscated. I told the fellow that he should prepare the two antique flutes for me to take. But I told him I would just be holding the flutes for him so no one else would confiscate them. He was quite cooperative; he began preparing the flutes for me.

I decided I would put this fellow in charge of this group when I wasn't here. I would make an announcement to the group.

I also needed to find out what the people needed most. Did they need food most? Or, did they need covers at night when it was cold? Perhaps they just needed some cloth to cover themselves with at night. I would have to find out.

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