Dream of: 22 January 2001 "Trading House"

For several days I had been going to a trading house -- a building with a huge room where people could trade stocks on computers. I had arrived again this morning. Many people were in the room, and each person had his own work station and computer where he could trade stocks. I still didn't know exactly how everything worked, and I hadn't yet tried to trade stocks there. 

I began talking to a fellow about a couple stocks in which I was interested. One stock was JDSU. I told the fellow I had a plan to buy JDSU when the NASDAQ was down 100 points, and I would buy the other stock when the NASDAQ was down only 20 points. I asked the fellow what he thought about my plan, and he said he would wait for the NASDAQ to be down 100 points before he would buy either stock. I asked a second fellow what he thought, and he said he would buy both stocks when the NASDAQ was only down 20 points. I wasn't sure what to do, especially if there was so much difference of opinion there in this den of experts. 

A thin fellow whom I knew invited me to sit down at an empty computer next to him on his left. So I sat down and waited for the market to open in about 10 minutes. 

The thin fellow sitting next to me told me that the computer I was using belonged to another fellow whom I knew, and that the other fellow was away for a while. Suddenly, however, the other fellow unexpectedly showed up and said, "Hi, Steve." 

He stood there for a moment as if he were waiting for something. I felt very embarrassed. I told him the thin fellow had told me I could use this machine because no one was going to use it today. I was also extremely disappointed, because now I would have to give up the computer and miss a day of trading. I stood up and gathered my things together and the other fellow sat down. 

I didn't know what to do now. It would take me at least an hour to return to my home. I thought I might go to my mother's home, but she didn't have a computer there. 

As I stood trying to make up my mind, I asked the fellow who had taken my seat if the people there paid to use the computers, or if they were paid to work there. It appeared to me that they were obviously paid, that they all had their own individual clients that they worked for and that they didn't simply work for themselves. I thought I wouldn't mind having a place there. Working there with other people would definitely be an advantage over working by myself.

I pointed at some larger desks on the other side of the room and I said those desks looked better. The fellow indicated, however, that those larger desks weren't much better. When I looked again at the larger desks, I realized they only had typewriters and not computers and I said, "Well, maybe they're not that much better."

I found a seat and sat back down. I could see where the stock tickers would be flashing on a big screen up front. Everyone was waiting for the market to open -- it was almost time. The fellow who had taken my seat suddenly put on some headphones, getting ready for the market to open.

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