Dream of: 18 January 2001 "The Trial"

A thin black-haired fellow (about 30 years old) was sitting in a chair in front of me. As we talked, he asked me what was my favorite book. I thought for a moment, and almost involuntarily, I blurted out that my favorite book was The Trial by Franz Kafka. I was surprised to hear myself saying this. Although I had read the book several times in the original German, and I was definitely fond of the book, it was so somber, so pessimistic, I felt almost ashamed to admit I liked this book more than any other. Yet, even on further reflection, I couldn't come up with another book more ingrained in my mind.

As I looked at the fellow more closely, I suddenly realized he closely resembled Joseph K., the protagonist of The Trial. The fellow was the right age and the right size. As I talked further, I told the fellow how much he resembled Joseph K., and I asked him if he were aware of the resemblance.

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