Dream of: 16 January 2001 "Seven Lessons Of Love"

I was in the jungle on a tropical island. A very beautiful black-haired woman (about 30 years old) was also here, and she wanted to be with me. A second woman (not fat, but heavy, about 45 years old) was likewise on the island, and I began talking with the older woman. She talked about making love, telling me how good she was at love-making. She made it sound so interesting, I almost became mesmerized listening to her, and I began to wonder what making love to this older woman would be like. 

The younger woman sensed how I was feeling and asked me if I were still going to be with her instead of the older woman. I told her, "Of course." Already, however, I was wondering what the older woman had in mind.


Some time later, still on the island, I was standing on the beach looking out over the water, and I spotted two American girls (around 19 years old) who had just arrived on the island. One was a blonde, and the other had black hair. I overheard them complaining that they didn't like being here and that they would rather be back home. I started talking to them and they were quite snooty. They were talking about better places back in the United States, and I said something about Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, sarcastically asking myself how anyone could think Pittsburgh was better than this beautiful tropical island. They agreed, however, that Pittsburgh was much nicer than this island, and they would much rather be back there. 

Even though they were weren't friendly, I began walking with the black-haired girl and I talked with her about how long I had been here on this island. I also told her how I had been with the older woman, how at first I hadn't been attracted to her but then I had made love to her seven times, and during those seven times the older woman had taught me seven lessons of love. 

As I talked, the black-haired girl and I moved closer and closer together. She almost seemed to become hypnotized by the sound of my voice. I began kissing her, lowering my head downward until I was kissing her right below her navel. I told her that the first time I had made love to the older woman, the woman had taught me the first lesson of love: when you make love, you do so for a long time. 

By now the girl was putty in my hands -- she was just waiting for me to make love to her and teach her the lessons of love. 

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