Dream of: 12 January 2001 "The Restless Dead"

Let the dead stay dead

My wife Carolina and I had taken a trip to Paris, France and while there, we visited a restaurant where we encountered Jim (one of my junior high school friends who became a nemesis during high school). Now around 20 years old, Jim sat down with Carolina and me at a table. We started talking and during the conversation, I asked him about Cathy (a friend of mine through my friend, Jon, whom Cathy married while Jon was in law school).

As the conversation turned to Jon and Cathy, Jim mentioned that Jon had been a fantastic baseball player when Jon had been young and that he could have become a professional but he gave up on it. I had known that Jon had been good at football and I commented about how big he was, but I hadn't known about Jon's playing baseball.

During the conversation, after I learned that Jim had been dating Cathy while she had still been married to Jon, I asked Jim if he knew that Cathy had died. I recalled having seen Cathy alive about a month ago, but about two weeks ago she had died. Once before a long time ago Cathy had faked her death and everyone had thought that she had died, when she had actually been alive. This time, however, Cathy had really died. Jim was utterly shocked to hear what I was saying because he had thought Cathy had died long ago.

I thought about Jon. Now that Cathy was dead, I wondered if I should tell Jon the secret I knew about Cathy, that she had once been pregnant while she and Jon had been married. I was unsure I should tell him.

We talked for quite a while, even though I knew that Carolina and I were on a tight schedule and that we had to leave at a certain time. Finally I said that we had to leave. We stood up and headed toward the door. As we were about to depart, however, a waiter was walking by with a tray of cheese cakes which were shaped like Brussels sprouts. Carolina stopped the waiter and asked him if she could have some. After the waiter gave his permission, she took about three and when I saw that only two were left, I asked for and received those. I ate one and found it to be absolutely delicious.

The restaurant was actually located inside a hotel and we were leaving the hotel. Since I needed to use the restroom before we left, I asked a woman where the restroom was. After she unlocked a door, both Carolina and I walked back into a restroom area. I looked for a sign which said "Men," found the door and walked in. Carolina continued on to the women's restroom.

The interior of the room looked like a big shower instead of a restroom. On the floors were holes which I thought were bidets. I saw holes in the floor, but I didn't think I was going to be able to use the restroom here. Finally, however, I saw a particularly large hole with toilet paper sitting next to it and I thought I would going to be able to use the toilet there. When I tried however, it was very awkward. I had difficulty sitting down on top of the hole.


Carolina and I were outside the hotel and we were leaving. We were in a big black SUV and we were atop a hill in Mexico City, Mexico. As we rode down the hill I realized that we had been in a very exclusive establishment and that only the richest people went there. I felt as if I also had a bit of money.

Apparently I had also drunk some alcohol, but not much. I thought how some people probably got drunk and went driving wild through Mexico City and had wrecks.

At the bottom of the hill, I needed to turn the steering wheel but it wouldn't turn. The car spun all the way around. I could see the trees in a forested area beside the road. After spinning around, we came to a stop, and I could see that other cars had spun around in a similar fashion. I hadn't done any damage. I thought I needed to pull myself together and drive slower as I continued down the road.

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