Dream of: 05 January 2001 (3) "Dangerous Task"

My mother, my sister, and I had gone to visit old girlfriend Birdie in Portsmouth. She was living on the second floor of a house where she had apparently been living for a while. We walked into the living room while Birdie scurried around the house. My sister walked into the bedroom and walked out with a big stack of magazines about 60 centimeters tall. I looked through the magazines and at the bottom of the stack I found three old issues of Playboy. The date on the cover of one was December 1978. I thought that was a time when I still knew Birdie. With my mother sitting beside me and looking over my shoulder, I started flipping through the magazine. Birdie walked into the room and said something about the Playboys. Apparently she didn't want me looking at them. She said something about a picture of a man whom she had liked in the magazine. I didn't see any pictures of any women, and the centerfold had been torn out.

I put down the magazine, gathered up all the Playboys, toted them into Birdie's bedroom, carried them into a big walk-in closet and stacked them in the corner. As I turned to leave, I noticed that blue jeans were scattered all over the room. There must have been 100 pairs. I remembered how Birdie had once told me that she liked blue jeans, and I noticed that I was also wearing blue jeans.

I walked out of the room and entered the kitchen, where Birdie was. Suddenly I recalled that after Birdie had given birth to Brandi, Birdie had had her left leg amputated. I could see that she now had two legs, but one had no foot. There was a stump at the bottom. I walked over to her and told her I had forgotten that she had had her leg amputated. She blamed it on her husband, Rick. She said if Rick would have fed her fruit after the birth, the leg wouldn't have been amputated. She had lost her leg because Rick hadn't taken care of her.

I wanted to touch her fake leg. She raised it and I held it in my hand. I looked at her face and said, "You look beautiful."

I wasn't being truthful. She actually looked thin and pallid. She was still pretty, but she had obviously lost much of her beauty. I was no longer attracted to her, but I wanted to be as nice to her as I could. As I was holding her fake leg, I suddenly looked around and saw a man going out the back door of the kitchen. When I asked Birdie if the man was Rick, she answered, "Yea."

I responded,  "Well, at least he didn't shoot me."

Birdie said, "No, but he could."

I told her she could lock the door. Just as she walked over to the door and was about to lock it, the door opened and Rick walked in carrying a gold handgun. As he aimed the gun at me, I began backing away. My mother was also in the kitchen and I said to her, "Mom, he's here with a gun to shoot me."

Rick pointed the gun away from me for just an instant. I thought I might be able to grab the gun and wrench it away from him, but I could see it would be a dangerous task.

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