Dream of: 05 January 2001 (2) "IBM"

I had traveled with my sister in a car which she was driving to a little town about an hour's drive from Portsmouth. I had taken a job in the town, working for IBM as a translator. My sister was also going to be working in the town, although I was unsure what her job was. I told her I planned to move to the town because I didn't want to drive back and forth to Portsmouth every day. I told her she should also move to the town, but she indicated she was uncertain she wanted to move there.

The town seemed small at first, but the more we drove around, the larger it seemed. I began thinking about my job, which involved translating German. The job also seemed to have something to do with the Fantastic Four. It seemed I had been reading Fantastic Four comic books in German. I thought my job would be difficult due to the large number of technical words which I might not understand. I would need to think in German as much as I could so I could improve my language skills. Nevertheless, I thought this would be a good job for me and I thought I would fit in at IBM. It would be a company for which I could be proud to work.


I had been thinking in German for about a half hour. I was on a bus filled with new recruits (including the bus driver, a woman about 25 years old) who would be working for IBM. We were driving around the grounds of IBM. Suddenly the bus driver rammed right into a large fountain. The driver kept going and ran into three or more fountains. We were heading down the street out of control. She wasn't blowing her horn, even though people were in the street and she was almost hitting them. I screamed, "Blow the horn! Blow the horn!"

I thought I would become hoarse, I was screaming so much. When the bus came to a sudden stop, I jumped out a door in the back, ran around to the front of the bus, and screamed, "Blow your horn!" Someone else told me to simply leave her alone. I knew the woman bus driver was supposed to be my superior and I thought I might jeopardize my job by screaming at her, but I was so angry, I screamed anyway.

My friend Donna Griffiths was sitting at the very front of the bus. Trembling, she jumped off the bus. She rushed to me and held on to me as tightly as she could. She even wrapped her legs around me. Very thin, she somewhat resembled the character Jackie Harris (as played by the actress Laurie Metcalf on the television series "Roseanne"). She was trembling so much she couldn't even talk. I didn't want her holding onto me like that. I was surprised that she was taking it so hard because no one was really hurt.

We walked over to the side where a place had been sat up to take care of people like Donna who were in shock. I wanted to free myself of her and put her in care there, but she was clinging to me as if she would never let go. 

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