Dream of: 01 January 2001 "Copper Earrings"

My friend Jon was visiting my wife Carolina and me in a two-story frame house in which Carolina and I were living (a fourth person was also with us). I hadn't seen Jon in a while and I was enjoying his company. We were all gathered in the living room, on the second story of the house, sitting comfortably and chatting, with the television playing in the background.

Suddenly our tranquility was violated when a special news broadcast blared on the television, announcing a warrant of arrest had been issued for "Jon." All four of us stood up in near panic. How awful for Jon to have his name defamed to the world like that! I could only imagine the chagrin I would experience if such an announcement were made on the television with my name. But, indeed, such a thing was possible: all four of us, including myself and Carolina, had outstanding warrants for our arrests. And now we were all in jeopardy because if the police tracked Jon there to our house, we might all be arrested.

I was also concerned because I had two small marijuana roaches in the house. If the police arrived, I could be in trouble. I quickly retrieved the roaches, and holding them in my hand, deliberated about what to do with them. Realizing I had to hide them, I tried to think of a safe place. I hurried into the next room, the bedroom, crouched down on my hands and knees and looked under the bed for a good hiding place. Several boxes of cassette tapes were under the bed. I hadn't known the tapes were there, and I was glad to see them. Likewise, I was interested to see several road atlases and maps of the world piled on top the cassettes. If I later needed those maps, now I would know where to find them.

I stood back up, having just thought of a better place to hide the roaches. I walked over to the closet, opened the door, and found it filled with clothes hanging on hangars. Here was exactly what I wanted: pairs of pants which had cuffs. Thinking I would stick the roaches down inside the cuffs of one of the pants, I bent over and pulled open the cuff of one pants, and was surprised to find a little plastic white bag inside. I pulled out the bag and opened it; out onto the floor fell a fancy little box obviously designed for holding a ring. I opened the box and was amazed to see a beautiful gold band, about a half centimeter wide, laced with intricate designs.

I picked up the box with the ring and walked into the next room to show it to Carolina. Did she know about this ring? When I held it up to her, she seemed as surprised to see it as I had been. I turned back around and returned to the closet. Once again I reached into the cuff of the pants, and once again I pulled out something: earrings.

Five or six sets of copper earrings were fastened on a long piece of cardboard. I held the earrings in my hands and looked at them. They were quite pretty, all of different designs – a crescent moon, a pyramid, stars. There was something rather fascinating about them. Unfortunately they were of little use to me, since I didn't wear jewelry. However, a strange idea came over me. I wondered what it would be like to try to make some copper earrings myself, to fashion them from raw copper. I could just imagine how primitive looking my first efforts at such a task would be, probably nothing more than lumps of copper, but the idea of fashioning my own earrings appealed to me. If I were to create my own, I could even see myself having my ears pierced and wearing them.

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