Dream of: 31 December 2000 "Trip To The Courthouse"

Since I didn't have anything to do, I had gone to a courthouse to see if I could find a trial to watch. I had been thinking lately that I would like to listen to some trials. Since I wasn't practicing law at the present, I found trials interesting and edifying. I walked past one courtroom, looked inside, and saw a black lawyer (about 50 years old) wearing a green suit. I had previously seen him at a courthouse. I thought how I hadn't been in a courtroom in such a long time, while other lawyers were there arguing cases day after day. But I figured I could go to work for one of the lawyers if I wanted. I could start taking on cases and simply going to the courthouse and arguing them.

I finally found a courtroom where a trial was taking place and I walked inside  It took me a while to find a seat because the courtroom was so crowded. A woman was the judge (she vaguely looked like the character judge Roberta Kittleson as played by the actress Holland Taylor on the television series "The Practice"). Yet another smaller woman was dressed like a judge, leaving me to wonder if there were two judges.

The woman judge stood up in front of the courtroom and began asking questions. At first I thought she was going to asked me why I had come into the courtroom and sat down, but she didn't. One question was so complicated, I didn't think anyone understood it. She was asking for a comparison between two definitions. I couldn't even understand what the definitions were. I spoke up and told her the question was so complicated that I didn't think anyone could understand. She asked another complicated and incomprehensible question. I again spoke up and said the same thing.

When the judge finally sat back down, I asked the fellow sitting next to me if he had ever seen a judge asked the audience questions like that. He said, "No."

The asking of the questions was new to me, but I concluded that judges could to whatever that wanted in their courtrooms.

I also noticed some books were stacked around the courtroom. The stacks of books seemed strange, but interesting at the same time. One book looked like a bound volume of "Time" magazines, but when I saw the word "Art" written on the front, I concluded the book was probably a bound volume of art magazines.

The judge finally took a break and I noticed that someone was bringing in more and more books, and piling them around the courtroom. Some books had been piled in a bin and people were rummaging through the books in the bin. I walked out into the hallway where I saw another bin loaded with books. I looked in the bin and found what appeared to be a little porcelain statue of a bird. It turned out to be a pepper shaker. I asked a woman (who looked as if she were in charge) if the stuff in the bin was being given away. She coyly replied that it was possible. I showed her the little statue and she said no, that she couldn't give that away. She said the statue was part of a set. I asked her if the books were being given away. Although I had difficulty understanding her, it sounded as if she said the judge had acquired all the books and the books were not being given away. She said, however, that the books might be given away if someone were interested in them. I realized, however, that she wasn't going to give me anything.

I walked on down the hallway where there weren't as many people and I found all kinds of things stacked in the hallway. I saw stacks of magazines and found one TV Guide with a picture of the Addams Family on the cover. I knew the TV Guide was valuable and I thought I would like to have it. I thought of sticking it in my pocket, but there were too many people nearby.

As I continued looking at the piles of stuff, I noticed a lot of mold and I concluded the stuff had probably been in the basement of someone who had died. I picked up another TV Guide whose pages were stuck together. It was obviously worthless and I laid it back down. I also found some old horror magazines which would have been valuable except they were ruined.

I also found a large stack of old photographs in brown paper frames covered with green mold. I picked some up and looked at them. They were of a man. I concluded he had been the husband who had died. When I dropped the pictures back down, mold flew off from them. I thought the mold would make anyone sick who had asthma. It almost made me sick just to smell it.

Obviously everything was ruined and I wasn't interested in any of it. 

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