Dream of: 30 December 2000 "Indian Painting"

Some other people and I (we all seemed to be law students) had all been given gifts which looked like little barrels (about six -eight liters in size) which contained artifacts (mostly rocks) of the American West. The man who had given us the gifts (who seemed like a law professor)  watched as I poured out my barrel and looked through the artifacts. I found a couple fossils. One little brown rock had an indentation with a well-formed fossil inside it. Less than a centimeter in height, the fossil clearly resembled a small deer.

Another larger rock (perhaps 30 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide) contained a beautiful elaborate American Indian painting. Suddenly I looked up (we were sitting outside) and realized the painting represented a scene which was right in front of me. We were on the southern edge of Nuevo Laredo and were looking north. In the scene was an old train which was passing in front of us. From where we were, I could see the rear of the train station. The train tracks and the train station were both depicted in the paining. Excited (just as the train was passing), I picked up the rock, showed it to the law professor, and said, "Look!"

I was thoroughly amazed to have a found the rock with a painting of the very scene which was right in front of me. Now that I knew where the painting had been made, my next question was "when" the painting had been made. I figured around 1900. When I told the professor what I thought, he said, no, the painting was more western than that. I inferred he meant the painting was older than 1900.

I loved the painting. I thought I would want to keep it forever. When the professor said the painting was a good piece, I replied, "That's a great piece. Thanks."

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