Dream of: 27 December 2000 "Four-Armed Man"

I arrived at a house in New Boston where Birdie was living. When I walked into the cramped sparsely furnished living room, I was met by Birdie's mother and an Hispanic man who was Birdie's ex-husband. He was short and fat and probably about 30 years old. Birdie's mother asked me why I had come and at first I thought about lying; instead, I simply told the truth and said I had come to take Birdie out on a date. I knew Birdie's ex-husband would be furious to hear this news, and I anticipated I might have to fight him. Indeed, no sooner had I spoken than the ex-husband approached me and challenged me to a fight. He was so short, I was primarily concerned he might hit me in the balls. However, neither of us threw a punch; instead, we grabbed each other and began wrestling. Only after we had fallen to the ground did I realize the fellow had four arms.

I managed to pin two of his arms, and finally I pinned all four. Birdie had stepped into the room and was now watching us. I hoped she saw that I could beat this fellow.


The ex-husband and I were standing in front of the house. I was explaining to him that I wanted to talk with Brandi. I told him that if it were necessary, I would even file a law suit in order to have access to Brandi to talk with her. I would state all my grounds for having access in the papers which I would file with the court, and I would send a copy of all the papers to Brandi.

As the ex-husband and I talked, I caught a glimpse of Brandi outside the house. She looked as if she were five or six years old. Most noticeable was her dark complexion, similar to the ex-husband. Maybe Brandi wasn't my daughter after all; but I needed to know one way or the other.


Birdie and I were inside the house, talking about whether we were going to go out; she was vacillating. She wanted to know whether I could rent a pickup truck for the date. Obviously she had some use in mind for the truck; maybe she needed the truck in order to move. If a pickup truck was necessary in order to convince her to go out with me, I would find one. I told her I could, answering her in Spanish, "Si, mi amor. Se puede."

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