Dream of: 23 December 2000 (2) "Lost Brother"

While at the House in Patriot, I decided to take a walk with my two Dalmatians, Chaucer and Picasso, on the hill behind the House. We hadn't walked far, when suddenly we stumbled upon a body of water. Picasso and Chaucer went into the water and quickly began having problems: they were drowning. Now, however, they weren't my dogs, but my brothers, both only about a year old. Two other little boys were also drowning in the water. I jumped into the water and tried to save my brothers. I managed to pull them to the surface, but in the confusion, I grabbed one of the other little boys and I lost one of my brothers. I decided to let the other boy loose and I searched again for my lost brother. I was so confused, however, that by the time I climbed out of the water, I was only holding one brother. The other brother was still somewhere in the water.

By the time I was ready to jump back into the water, the water had all dried up. A pile of old rags was lying over to the side. I sifted through the rags until I found the body of one of the other boys. He was just a baby and he appeared to be dead. But I still couldn't find my other brother. I kept searching and searching, but I just couldn't figure out what had happened to my brother. I hoped he had somehow climbed out of the water and someone had saved him. But I was afraid I was going to find his body here somewhere.

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